Borislava petrova Biography

More about me

Borislava Petrova was born the 27-th of February 1966 in the town of Ruse-Bulgaria, in the family of professional musicians.


She studies piano in the School of Music in her hometown and completes it in 1985 with excellent grade after many successful stage expressions and awards at local and national contests.
Since1985 until 1990 she studies in National Academy of Music in the piano class of Prof. Snezhana Barova. She graduates with Masters degree in music, specialty of “piano”.
Right after her graduation she wins a competition and takes established job position with permanent contract as accompanist in National School of Dance Art in Sofia.

From East to West

Between 1997 and 2000 Borislava lives in her hometown Ruse where she is piano teacher in the School of Music.
In 2000 she leaves for Tunis and she stays there until 2004 as university lecturer by piano and chamber music.
From 2004 until 2016 Borislava works in France at free practice – lessons, accompaniments, recitals and chamber music concerts.
Since September 2016 she settles in Holland.
Borislava has a written and verbal command of French and English language.

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